Use of bibliometrics for research evaluation in emerging markets economies: a review and discussion of bibliometric indicators

Hamdi A. Al-Jamimi*, Galal M. BinMakhashen, Lutz Bornmann

*Corresponding author for this work

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The governments of most ‘emerging market’ (EM) countries (e.g., India, Mexico, and Brazil) have invested significantly in scientific research over the past decades. These investments are reflected in the countries’ research volume, impact, and international collaboration activities. The EMs’ research support justification delivers the need to evaluate their research performance at multi-levels (country, institution, and scholar), e.g., by using indicators of research application inclinations. Bibliometric studies are increasingly requested by research and development (R&D) policymakers, funding agencies, and other relevant actors in these countries. The results of the studies are used to develop research directions, set research policies, and satisfy management needs (at universities). In this paper, we review the contributions of previous (bibliometric) studies to measuring research performance in EM countries. We identified 132 indicators used in the studies and classified them into three categories: productivity, impact, and collaboration. Some indicators have been more frequently used than others for measuring the performance of EM countries. These indicators might be the most important ones. For example, research leadership indicators (focusing on corresponding authors of publications) might be more important than other indicators measuring the research productivity of EM countries since they highlight the ‘actual’ contribution of national scientists. Collaboration indicators measuring national/international collaborative publications are also especially relevant for EM countries; their results can be used to sharpen expertise and exchange of professional knowledge. The overview presented in this paper can be used for the planning and realization of future studies on research in EM countries.

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StatePublished - Oct 2022

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