Manufacturing systems integration using real time QoS-aware middleware

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In recent years, there has been a growth in the amount of data used to improve the production processes. As a result, the cross communication and interaction between components has increased and became a key property of modern production system. To reduce the cost of communication and to increase the efficiency of these systems, middleware technology such as CORBA, COM+, Java RMI, and Web services are being used. Middleware is becoming more and more the essential factor in improving current Manufacturing Process Automation and Control Systems, and their applications have witnessed an increased demand in real time Manufacturing Distributed Applications. In this paper, we propose publish-subscribe middleware architecture based on the Data Distribution System (DDS) open standard. The proposed architecture aims to seamlessly integrate the existing heterogeneous manufacturing systems, such as SCADA system, DCS, PLCs, and databases; and improve the communication and real time data delivery among system components; also, it provides a QoS support layer between the communicating components. Furthermore, the proposed architecture is implemented and evaluated by intensive experiments.

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Title of host publicationManufacture Engineering, Quality and Production System II
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StatePublished - 2013

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  • DCS
  • DDS
  • Data distribution services
  • Distributed control system
  • Middleware
  • OPC

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