Layered double hydroxide-modified membranes for water treatment: Recent advances and prospects

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Layered double hydroxides (LDHs) represent an exciting class of two-dimensional inorganic materials with unique physicochemical properties. They have been widely employed in water treatment due to their high surface areas, excellent ion exchange capacities, and highly tunable structures. They have also been employed in the fabrication and development of membranes for water treatment. 2D nanostructures as well as tailorable “structure forming units”, surface functionalization with desired moieties, and interlayer galleries with adjustable heights and internal compositions make them attractive materials for membrane separations. This paper critically overviews the recent advancements in the synthesis and applications of LDH based membranes in water purification. The synthesis techniques and the effect of LDH incorporation into different membrane compositions have been described. LDH-based membranes showed excellent antifouling capability and improved water flux due to enhanced hydrophilicity. Such membranes have been successfully used for the treatment of inorganics, organics from environmental water samples. This review will be useful for understanding the current state of the LDH-based membranes for water purification and defining future research dimensions. In the end, we highlight some challenges and future prospects for the efficient application of LDH-based membranes in water decontamination.

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StatePublished - Jan 2022

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  • Inorganic and organic pollutants
  • LDH-Based membranes
  • Layered double hydroxides
  • Membrane fabrication
  • Membrane properties
  • Water treatment

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