KFUPM ghawar digital viscoelastic seismic model

Abdullatif A. Al-Shuhail*, Abdullah A. Alshuhail, Yehia A. Khulief, Syed Abdul Salam, Septriandi A. Chan, Abdul Latif Ashadi, Ayman F. Al-Lehyani, Adnan M. Almubarak, Mohammed Zia Ullah Khan, Sikandar Khan, Salem G. Aljuhani, Khalid A. Abdulrahman

*Corresponding author for this work

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Ghawar is the largest and most prolific oil field in the world. Yet, no digital geological models or synthetic seismic data of this important field are publicly available for testing algorithms to image, analyze, and understand its complex and interesting attributes. We construct a 2D viscoelastic model of the Ghawar field and calculate a corresponding multi-component synthetic seismic data set. The P-wave velocities and densities of the entire stratigraphic column from pre-Cambrian basement to present-day sediments were compiled from public sources. The S-wave velocities were calculated from the P-wave velocities using empirical VS–VP relations established from well logs. An empirical formula was also used to estimate the P-wave and S-wave quality factors from the P-wave and S-wave velocities, respectively. Vertical and horizontal components of viscoelastic seismic shot records were generated using a finite-difference algorithm accurate to the 4th order in space and 2nd order in time. We share the models and seismic data sets publicly hoping that this will motivate interested researchers to test their research ideas, which in turn will help advance the leading edge in hydrocarbon exploration seismology. Finally, we encourage researchers, who will use the models and data sets, to contribute to the geoscience community by sharing their results publicly as well.

Original languageEnglish
Article number245
JournalArabian Journal of Geosciences
Issue number7
StatePublished - Apr 2019

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  • Ghawar field
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Synthetic seismic data
  • Viscoelastic model

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