Investigations of in vitro corrosion, and wear properties of TiN PVD coating on Ti6Al4V alloy for dental application

Mohamed Hussein*, Akeem Adesina, Madhan Kumar, Ahmad A. Sorour, Nasser Al-Aqeeli

*Corresponding author for this work

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Ti alloys have been widely used for biomedical applications. The generated wear debris due to its low wear resistance lead to inflammations and reduce the lifetime of the implant. So, the coating has been used to improve corrosion and wear resistance. In the present work, we report the assessments of TiN coating deposited by CA-PVD on Ti6Al4V alloy for dental applications. The deposited coating was characterized by XRD and SEM. Mechanical properties were assessed using micorindentation. The in vitro corrosion properties was investigated using PDP and EIS in artificial saliva. The wear rate was characterized using the linear reciprocating tribometer. The results showed that a TiN layer with 1.8 µm thickness was deposited with a hardness of 24.9±8.123 GPa and a Modulus of elasticity of 244.7±14.8 GPa. The corrosion study revealed enhancement in the corrosion performance of the coated sample in artificial saliva. The wear rate of the coated samples was also enhanced for the coated sample. The improved surface hardness, corrosion and wear characteristics of the TiN coating suggests that TiN coating would be a potential candidate for dental applications.

Original languageEnglish
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EditorsAntonello Astarita, Antonino Squillace, T.S. Sudarshan, Pierpaolo Carlone
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StatePublished - 2019

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