Identification and prioritization of DevOps success factors using fuzzy-AHP approach

Muhammad Azeem Akbar*, Sajjad Mahmood, Muhammad Shafiq, Ahmed Alsanad, Abeer Abdul Aziz Alsanad, Abdu Gumaei

*Corresponding author for this work

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DevOps (development and operations) is a collaborative and multidisciplinary organizational effort to automate continuous delivery of a software project with an aim to improve software quality. The implementation of DevOps practices is not straightforward as there are several complexities associated with it. The aim of this study is to identify and prioritize the factors that positively influence the DevOps practices in software organizations. Using a systematic literature review, 19 factors were identified. The identified factors were further validated with experts via a questionnaire survey study. Finally, Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy Process (FAHP) was used to prioritize the identified success factors. The results indicate that “DevOps security pipeline,” “use system orchestration” and “attempt matrix organization and transparency” factors are the highest ranked success factors for the successful implementation of DevOps practices. The FAHP analysis is novel in this research area as it provides the prioritization based taxonomy of the identified factors which will assist the researchers and practitioners to focus on the critical areas that are significant for the successful adoption of DevOps practices.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1907-1931
Number of pages25
JournalSoft Computing
Issue number4
StatePublished - Feb 2023

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The authors are grateful to the Deanship of Scientific Research, King Saud University for funding through Vice Deanship of Scientific Research Chairs.

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  • DevOps
  • Empirical investigation
  • Fuzzy AHP
  • Success factors
  • Systematic literature review

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