Advanced Distributed Consensus for Multiagent Systems

Magdi S. Mahmoud, Mojeed O. Oyedeji, Yuanqing Xia

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Advanced Distributed Consensus for Multiagent Systems contributes to the further development of advanced distributed consensus methods for different classes of multiagent methods. The book expands the field of coordinated multiagent dynamic systems, including discussions on swarms, multi-vehicle and swarm robotics. In addition, it addresses advanced distributed methods for the important topic of multiagent systems, with a goal of providing a high-level treatment of consensus to different versions while preserving systematic analysis of the material and providing an accounting to math development in a unified way. This book is suitable for graduate courses in electrical, mechanical and computer science departments. Consensus control in multiagent systems is becoming increasingly popular among researchers due to its applicability in analyzing and designing coordination behaviors among agents in multiagent frameworks. Multiagent systems have been a fascinating subject amongst researchers as their practical applications span multiple fields ranging from robotics, control theory, systems biology, evolutionary biology, power systems, social and political systems to mention a few.

Original languageEnglish
Number of pages371
ISBN (Electronic)9780128211861
StatePublished - 1 Jan 2020

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