3D Printed Micro-Electrochemical Energy Storage Devices

Abdul Jabbar Khan, Abdul Mateen, Shaukat Khan, Liang He, Wenwu Wang, Arshid Numan, Kui Qing Peng, Iftikhar Ahmed Malik, Ijaz Hussain, Guowei Zhao*

*Corresponding author for this work

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Micro-electrochemical energy storage devices (MEESDs) including micro-supercapacitors (MSCs), micro-batteries (MBs), and metal-ion hybrid micro-supercapacitors (MIHMSCs) are critical components of electronic systems, especially in the expanding field of the Internet of Things (IoT). In recent years, three-dimensional (3D) printing techniques also known as additive manufacturing (AM) techniques have emerged as promising approaches to overcome the limitations of conventional fabrication procedures. Employing advanced manufacturing techniques to fabricate MEESDs offers potential benefits, including mass production and programmable prototyping. In this review, we provide a comprehensive overview of the recent advancements in the applications of 3D printing techniques for MEESDs such as MBs, MSCs, and MIHMSCs. First, this review discusses the fundamental of micro/nano energy storage devices by 3D printing technology. Further, we examine the critical properties of the printable inks used in these processes. We also highlighted the current developments in 3D printing-based MEESDs including various types of MBs, pseudocapacitive and electrochemical double-layer-based MSCs, and a range of MIHMSCs. Additionally, this review addresses the challenges and future prospects of 3D printing based MEESDs, including material limitations, printing resolution, manufacturing scalability, mechanical properties, and cost. Overall, this review presents a unique and valuable contribution by providing a comprehensive overview of the recent advancements in 3D printing based MEESDs.

Original languageEnglish
Article numbere202300190
JournalBatteries and Supercaps
Issue number8
StatePublished - Aug 2023

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  • 3D printing
  • additive manufacturing
  • metal-ion hybrid micro-supercapacitors
  • micro-batteries
  • micro-supercapacitors

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  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering
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