Vibration Suppression of Microbeam by Tuned Mass Damper System

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Tuned mass dampers (TMD) have been widely used for vibration control in mechanical engineering systems. It has several advantages over the traditional active control system since it does not require an external power source or actuators. The purpose of this study is to provide insight into the performance and applicability of TMD devices in controlling vibration of microbeam structures. Due to several geometric and material constraints, designing of TMD system for MEMS application needs further investigations. This study aims to develop a reliable model that describes the effect of traversed moving spring mass damper system on the static as well as the dynamic response of a microbeam. While there are few studies that examined TMD devices in the macro scale level, there is a need for more investigations on their effects in the micro-scale. A finite element model is also developed to simulate the dynamic response of the microbeam numerically. The capability of the developed dynamic model in predicting the actual dynamic behavior of the system is demonstrated. The obtained results will be used to develop an optimization technique that can be used to design TMD systems for MEMS applications.
Effective start/end date1/03/1529/02/16


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