Unlocking the Impact of AI Innovations on Healthcare Job Design

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The current COVID-19 epidemic has posed significant issues to several companies, particularly the health and pharmaceutical sectors. Organizations of every size or category me...et difficulties in one form or another, forcing employees to adjust and accept the new online work culture while advocating for technology integration in work profiles. HR departments are working hard to stay up with the pace of technology in order to improve HR procedures and manage staff remotely using AI, Process automation, Talent Analytics, Gamification, and IoT, to name a few. Healthcare professionals' daily operations as well as patient care are expected to be impacted by AI-based technology. However, research on how various AI applications will really affect healthcare professionals' duties is still lacking, particularly in pandemic and post-pandemic scenarios. We will undertake a multi-source and multi-wave field study with two groups, AI tech managers and actual healthcare professions, using a conceptual framework to analyse AI applications in health-care and the job design model. With the help of the AI tech managers, the specifics will help to show how healthcare businesses may use AI solutions to various metrics. We will be able to investigate the impacts of a variety of processes with the aid of actual healthcare professionals' data, including diagnosis, patient care and wellness, job autonomy and control, professionals' skill sets, employee engagement, and execution of the full employment cycle from the hiring process to the termination interview.
Effective start/end date26/03/2325/03/24


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