Ultra-high Performance Concrete for Shear Strengthening of RC Beams

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Nowadays a number of different types of concrete have been developed through extensive research endeavors. Most of these new concretes were developed to overcome the shortcomings of the normal or conventional concrete. Amongst these, one of the newly developed concrete is the Ultra-high Performance Concrete (UHPFC). In recent years, most of researchers recognize the extreme suitability of using UHPFC for rehabilitation and strengthening of existing reinforced concrete structures. The UHPFC is characterized as cementitious-based material. The most advantages of using UHPFC are enhancing the durability and overall serviceability of structures, possess a high bonding strength and easy to apply. In this study, an experimental investigation of using UHPFC for shear strengthening of conventional reinforced concrete (RC) beams will be carried out. A number of twelve RC beams that are weak in shear will be cast and strengthened with UHPFC layers in different configurations to demonstrate the contribution of UHPFC to the shear strength of beams. Furthermore, a numerical model using ABAQUS software will be conducted to predict the behavior and failure load of strengthened RC beams. The results of these experiments will also be verified with help of a finite element model (FEM) and by developing suitable expressions within a mechanistic framework, which will be helpful in setting up modeling parameters and engineering guidelines for design of such repair and retrofit. Finally, a parametric study will be carried out to investigate the effect of using different thickness of UHPFC and shear spandepth ratio on the behavior of RC beams.
Effective start/end date11/04/1711/12/18


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