Toward Systematic Capturing and Assessing of Goals in Business Transformation Using Goal-oriented Modelling

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Many businesses are going through digital business transformation to improve provided services, increase customer satisfaction, achieve business objectives, and to meet governmental regulations. The process of digital business transformation is complex as it involves multiple key elements such as stakeholders (internal and external), customer, business objectives and vision, technology and strategies. Hence, in order to achieve the desired outcomes of the business digital transformation, all the elements and relationships have to be captured and analyzed comprehensively and systematically before implementing potential technological solutions. The challenge faced in this context is current change management methods and frameworks lack to systematic methods and tool support that could be used in the digital business transformation. In this study, Im proposing the use of goal-oriented modelling methods to capture and analyze the digital business transformation elements and needs. Goal-oriented modelling is a part of Requirement Engineering that has been concerned with capturing, modelling, validating, and analyzing various types of requirements, stakeholders needs, and performance objectives, and tool support. Goal-oriented modelling has been already proven to be effective in many studies that discussed business process improvement and IT alignment with business strategy. The research questions are 1) what are the main elements and relationships of the digital business transformation?, 2) What are the existing goal-oriented techniques? and what kind of support they provide in capturing and analyzing goals?, 3) what is the best goal-oriented techniques to be used in the digital business transformation context? 4) to what extend the chosen goal-oriented techniques would deliver the intended outcomes in the digital business transformation? In order to answer the first question, I will conduct in-depth study to explore existing literature and extract/build the digital business transformation context model. The completeness and correctness of the model will be validated with experts in the domain. Another in-depth-study will be conducted to survey existing goal-oriented modelling methods (elements, context, analysis methods and tool support) to answer the second research question. I will design a scoring system to select the best goal-oriented modelling method to be used in the digital business transformation context and this will answer the third question. Lastly, the result will be validated with experts in the domain and I will provide recommendations and future research opportunities, upon the experts comments and feedback, to adapt the result of this study in practice.
Effective start/end date15/04/2031/12/21


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