Three-level Voltage Source Inverter Based Six-phase Drive system for EV Application

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The transformation to E-motility becomes a world concern these days to reduce CO2 emissions and decrease energy consumption. As a result, there is a global trend to shift from...m traditional internal combustion engine vehicle to electric vehicle (EV). This research proposal aims to develop an efficient electric drive system for EV application. Three main components of the drive system are considered to achieve high efficiency and energy savings. First, six-phase motor is considered as a replacement to the conventional three-phase one. Secondly, three-level voltage source inverter will be utilized as the main power converter to feed the motor. Finally, an advanced model predictive controller will be developed to control the drive system at different modes of operation. This proposed system, is expected to result in smoother motor torque, reduced power electronic component rating, better current quality, reduced overall system losses and accurate speed/torque control. This should increase the overall efficiency of the EV drive system. An experimental prototype will be developed for the validation of the proposed system. Moreover, performance comparison against existing EV drive systems will be made to highlight the characteristics of the proposed system.
Effective start/end date1/03/2331/12/23


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