The Role of Facial Features and Voice Recognition in Detecting Personal Identity

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Voices and facial features consider as important cues in social communications with one another. Recently, different studies showed that both facial features and voice recognition may contribute effectively to detect the individual identity (i.e., Takafumi, 2018). One major issue related to voice recognition and it is impact on identity represented in the genetic factor (Biological factors), that shows some individuals from the same family or coming from the same biological family have similar voice frequency, pitch range, intonation, loudness and tempo. However, perceiving identity depending on the voice measure might be not effective and need support from another measure which helping to increase the ability to detect identity. Facial features such as eyes consider as one of the important measures that helping to recognize identity and keeping privacy. Prior studies showed that eyes carry important information that facilitates social communication between different individuals. In the current research Project, we investigate the role of combined effects of different voices and facial features, and its impact on individual identity. To achieve this objective, the current project will use experimental methods (Factorial design) by conducting different experiment to understand the contribution of Voices and facial features in identity as phase I. In Phase II, both effects of facial features and voice recognition will be investigated to focus the light on recognizing identity depending on different measure
Effective start/end date1/07/211/01/23


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