The influence of perceptual load on inter-hemispheric transmission time, and information processing types for Gifted and Normal students:

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The current proposal investigates the effect of manipulating attention (high load Vs. Low load) sensu lavies perceptual load theory (1995-2010) on inter-hemispheric transmission times (Experiment I), as illustrated in reaction times (RTs) experiments which suggested by Poffenberger (1912), in which he used the RTs to estimate the time it takes the information to cross from one hemisphere to another. In particular, there is evidence showed that right hemisphere specialization for attention has been suggested, and manipulating attention might be influenced on inter-hemispheric transmission times. I assume that inter-hemispheric transmission times might not be influenced under low load, while it might be influenced under high attentional load. I believe that this effect might be inconsistent between Giftedness and Normal students. No study as far as I know investigated that. For this reason, classical method of experimental psychology will used, focusing to obtain the reaction times using E-Prime Professional Software, which includes the following factors: Perceptual load types (2 Levels), inter-hemispheric transmission times (4 Levels), Groups (2 levels), and Sex (2 levels) in Experiment I. Additionally, the relationship between attention manipulations, and information processing representations (Physical, Acoustic and Semantic Processing), as suggested by Sternberger (2003) will be investigated (Experiment II). I speculate that each load manipulations will relate to different information processing types which differ from Giftedness and Normal Students. In this study we will use (2 X 3 X 2 X 2) factorial designs includes, Load manipulations (2 Levels), Information Processing types (3 Levels), and Groups of students (2 Levels) and Sex (2 levels). Furthermore, I intended to investigate the interactions between attentional load manipulations and inter-hemispheric transmission times and their reflections on information processing types for Giftedness and Normal students (Experiment III). The design (2 X 4 X 3 X 2) will be used including the following factors: Load manipulations (2 Levels), Inter-hemispheric transmissions times (4 levels), Information processing types (3 levels), and Students Group (2 levels), and Sex(2 levels). The study Sample should be classified to Giftedness Group, and Normal Group, and each Group includes equal numbers of male and female, and all of them right handed. The Duration of running and collecting data for each experiment takes around 3 months, and the duration of analyzing the data takes around 2 months. The significant of the current proposal will focus the light on the importance of attentional load manipulations when designing courses, and presenting information. Besides, the results make a link between attention account and the times of inter hemispheric transmission , and information processing types. Finally, throughout the findings, we can design remedial Programs which focus on inter-hemispheric transmissions and Perceptual load to improve information processing acquisitions for Normal students similar to giftedness students
Effective start/end date1/09/161/07/17


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