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Truck platooning, where one or more trucks closely follow a lead truck, could be the next generation of transportation because of its benefits such as reduced fuel consumption and emissions. However, truck platooning can introduce some concerns such as acceptance of truck platooning. The benefits of truck platooning depend on the higher implementation of truck platooning. However, there are different factors that might affect of the acceptance of truck platooning such as willing to use the system, trust, or willing to pay more to get a truck equipped with a truck platooning system. The literature review found that there is a lack of comprehensive study on the acceptability of truck platooning among truck drivers and fleet managers. Also, the literature review shows that there is no study on the acceptance of Automated Vehicle in Saudi Arabia nor the Arabia Gulf area. The work will be conducted in multi-phases that will include surveying, interviewing, and conducting focus groups for the trucks drivers and fleet managers. The study will be conducted in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. Thus, the aim of this study is to measures the acceptance among the trucks drivers and fleet managers and provide a strategic plan for the implementation of truck platooning in Saudi Arabia.
Effective start/end date1/04/201/03/21


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