Synthesis of Silica/Polyamides nanocomposites for Adsorptive Removal of lead ions and Methylene Blue from Water

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The proposed work aims to use facile chemical method to synthesize a nanocomposite containing silica modified with polyamides with interesting properties of both silica and polyamides beside new properties resulted from the interaction. The synthesized composite will be characterized by the means of spectroscopic and scanning microscopic instruments with focus on the possible chemical bonding between the silica and the polyamides. The proposed research aims also to evaluate the potential of the composites as effective sorbent materials for removal of toxic pollutants; lead and methylene blue from wastewater. The project related to one of most important area of research throughout the world. Our proposed research falls under the nanotechnology area and is expected to contribute to the subareas related to water purification technology.
Effective start/end date1/09/181/02/20


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