Synthesis of functional polyethylenes using metallocene catalyst

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Polyethylene bearing functional groups (Functional polyethylenes) are highly desired materials, due to their beneficial surface properties. Despite many recent advances in the...e various fields of olefin polymerization, it still remains a challenge to synthesize high molecular-weight copolymers with tunable amounts of functional groups. The modification of polyolefins such as polyethylene in a controlled and mild manner is one of the most important challenges in the polymer engineering. The modification of polyethylene by introduction of even low amount of functional groups into the main chain, can improve its properties. New applications are possible in areas such as good adhesion/coating, barrier properties, solvent resistance and printability are required. In this work co-polymerizations of ethylene with oxygen containing monomers such as alcohols and ethers will be investigated using metallocene/MAO catalyst systems.
Effective start/end date1/01/2331/12/23


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