Solar Volumetric Receiver with the Presence of Thermoelectric Generator

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Utilization of renewable energy sources is important to meet with the environmental concerns. One of the abundant sources of energy is the solar power and its utilization in thermal system is essential to reduce the cost and improve the system efficiency. On the other hand, a thermoelectric generator is one of the promising devices that uses the renewable energy sources or the industrial/domestic waste heat. In the proposed project the volumetric absorption of solar power in silicon carbide foam is considered in the flow system. In order to utilize the waste heat rejected from the volumetric receiver, thermoelectric generator is to be utilized. This arrangements, in turn, results in a combined system utilizing the multi devices utilizing the renewable energy sources. Thermodynamic analysis including the first and second law efficiencies of the thermal system is to be carried out. The innovative design of the system minimizing the entropy generation is to be introduced.
Effective start/end date15/04/1815/04/21


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