Selective ethylene oligomerization for the production of 1-hexene

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The proposed research, aims at developing a catalyst system based on Cr/PNP complex for the production of 1-hexene by selective oligomerization of ethylene. Numerous PNP ligands will be synthesized by varying N or P substituents and characterized using NMR, GCMS and CHN analysis. The synthesized ligand will be evaluated for chromium catalyzed selective oligomerization reaction using a high pressure reactor system. Moreover, the effect of the reaction parameters such as ethylene pressure, temperature, solvent, co-catalyst etc. to achieve a catalytic system with higher selectivity and productivity will be determined. Emphasis will also be given to control the formation of unwanted by products such as polyethylene and higher alpha-olefins. Produced 1-hexene will be identified and quantified by GC analysis. The proposed study will be completed in eighteen (18) month period
Effective start/end date1/07/211/01/23


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