Selection of Wind Turbines for Potential Wind Farm Sites in Northern and Eastern Regions of Saudi Arabia using Artificial Intelligence Augmented Decision-making Techniques

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The global revolution in the use of renewable energy in the past few years is a significant step towards clean and cheap energy and paves the way for sustainable development. In this context, the use of wind energy has received significant attention worldwide in various promising regions having wind corridors. In line with the global energy trend, Saudi Arabia is also realizing its potential in the wind energy domain. One crucial decision in the development of a wind farm is the selection of most appropriate turbine in to harness the maximum energy. The selection of wind turbine consists of many decision variables which are often conflicting with each other. Therefore, a tradeoff needs to be found between these decision variables such that a balanced solution is obtained that satisfies all decision variables to the best possible extent. This proposal aims to develop models based on artificial intelligence supported decision-making techniques for selection of wind turbines. The developed models will be used to select most suitable wind turbines for various potential wind farm sites in Northern and Eastern regions of Saudi Arabia. For this purpose, wind turbines with various rated powers including 2 MW, 3 MW, 4 MW, and 5 MW will be considered. The proposed work will augment the Kingdoms efforts to diversify its power generation sources, thus improving the environmental conditions as well as reducing Kingdoms dependency on fossil fuels.
Effective start/end date15/04/1915/12/20


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