Renewable energy based Integrated Gasification Combined Cycles (IGCC) for multigeneration including thermoelectric generators

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The domestic electricity production of Saudi Arabia currently relies mainly on oil and natural gas. More than 900,000 barrels of oil per day is burnt to meet the electricity demands at peak periods which costs about 16 billion dollars per year. Burning less crude can save much more for Saudi Arabia. The country produces 14 Million ton of waste per year. There is need to convert waste into electricity through energy efficient and environmentally benign way. Integrated Gasification Combined cycles (IGCC) have potential to convert the waste feed stock into syngas to drive gas turbine for electricity generation with less emissions. Thermoelectric generators can be considered as one of the renewable energy devices which can efficiently convert low grade heat directly into electricity. In addition to this, the integration of thermoelectric devices with IGCC is very an attractive option because of the abundant availability of the waste globally, particularly in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, in this research proposal, we intended to develop a novel renewable energy based IGCC for multigeneration with improved overall performance of the system by incorporating thermoelectric generators. Moreover, the efficient utilization of rejected heat at low temperature junctions of thermoelectric generators will be investigated to overcome their low efficiency. Upto the best knowledge of authors, this kind of research has not been conducted or reported in the literature yet. The development of thermodynamic model and an exergy analysis of novel IGCC multigeneration system including thermoelectric generators are the primary objectives of this research. The major sub-systems include; gasification unit, gas cleaning unit, gas turbine, steam turbine, heat pump, an organic Rankine cycle, an electrolyzer and an absorption chiller. Electricity will generated to meet the domestic load requirements of Saudi Arabia. The cooling will be produced for cold storage and heat for industrial use.
Effective start/end date15/04/1815/04/21


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