Performance Monitoring and Prioritizing Maintenance Works of Saudi Arabian Road Networks: An Image Processing Approach

  • Islam, Muhammad (PI)
  • Ali, Usman (CoI)
  • Aslam, Waleed (CoI)
  • Malkawi, Rezqallah (CoI)

Project: Research

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Saudi Arabia is hosting almost 80,000 km of paved roads countrywide, which are subjected to periodic maintenance. Due to the importance of the modern transportation system, Saudi Arabia has been investing billions of dollars in increasing the road networks inside the kingdom and also connecting with neighboring countries. Thus, the length of paved roads is increasing day by day. Accordingly, road condition monitoring and maintenance works are also linearly increasing. The Ministry of Transport (MoT) currently uses a laser sensor to assess the pavement surface condition and measures damages to prioritize damage severity and maintenance works. This system is required a specialized vehicle equipped with sensors that limit regular and frequent maintenance. On the other hand, smartphone, an efficient and easily applicable tool for collecting road damage images, is readily available to the community. Thus, researchers are focusing on image processing based on the smartphone for advancing the automatic tracking of road damage severity.
Effective start/end date1/07/2131/12/21


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