Offshore wind power resources assessment in Saudi waters in the Red Sea (Between 16.5⁰N and 18.3⁰N Latitudes)

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The exploration of offshore wind power resources in Saudi Arabia's Red Sea waters aims to identify and prioritize potential development sites for this renewable energy source..... This research entails a detailed offshore wind power resource assessment (OWPRA) at 49 specific locations in Saudi Arabia's southern Red Sea waters. The assessment is based on a 43-year data analysis spanning 1979 to 2021. The hourly mean wind speed (WS) and wind direction at an elevation of 100 meters above mean sea level (AMSL), as well as temperature and pressure data near the surface, are key meteorological parameters used in the evaluation. Wind speed, wind power density, plant capacity factor, wind variability indices, and energy cost are among the criteria used to prioritize the sites. The goal is to harness higher, less turbulent offshore wind intensities while minimizing visual and infrastructure impacts. This technical and comprehensive approach aims to facilitate strategic wind energy development in a region with significant untapped potential.
Effective start/end date10/03/2410/03/25


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