Novel Authentication Scheme for IoT-enabled Healthcare Ecosystem

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Using the Internet of the Things (IoT) devices and appliances to manage several applications such as transportation, healthcare, energy, logistics, electricity, etc. are increasingly shaping our everyday life to be better. Among all environment applications, smart healthcare gaining a significant from the market share. Furthermore, healthcare has become a necessity for human lives, led to an increase in medical data. However, due to the sensitiveness of patients information, security and privacy of patients information in healthcare ecosystems are very important. Designing an efficient and secure authentication scheme with low computation and communication costs is critical challenging in IoT healthcare ecosystem. The main objective of the research proposal intends to design a novel lightweight, secure, and efficient authentication scheme for IoT-enabled healthcare, to ensure the patients privacy, healthcare data security, and reduce the computation and communication costs. As evidenced by the wide deployment and market growth of IoT technologies in Saudi Arabia, we anticipate, upon completion of this research project, to enable the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for leadership in the region with local expertise in Internet of Things based healthcare technologies.
Effective start/end date16/08/2016/07/21


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