Magnification of the dynamic response of cantilever beams for energy harvesting applications

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The purpose of this study is to provide insight into the performance and applicability of a new dynamic magnifier device in controlling vibration of cantilever beam structure. The designed device will produce continuous reciprocating force to travel over the span of the beam. The dynamic deflection of the beam is investigated analytically to predict critical and cancellation speeds. Unlike the classical case of load traveling at constant speed in one direction, multiple resonance peaks are observed for reciprocating load at speeds that are lower than the classical critical speed. This could lead to response magnification with minimum load. The current load condition may have possible application in view of its potential use for vibration suppression, as a moving vibration absorber, or for magnification, in energy harvesting. The results are interpreted in order to understand the variation of dynamic deflection and estimate the critical speeds for different load conditions. Due to several geometric and material constraints, designing the experimental setup for the system needs further investigations. This study aims to develop a reliable model that describes the effect of traversed moving spring mass damper system on the static as well as the dynamic response of the cantilever. A finite element model is also developed to simulate the dynamic response of the system numerically. The capability of the developed dynamic model in predicting the actual dynamic behavior of the system is demonstrated. The obtained results will be verified experimentally to evaluate the capability and usefulness of the system.
Effective start/end date15/04/1915/10/21


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