Low-Cost Electro-Magnetic Actuation Rotational Adaptive Mirror Design

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This proposal presents the utilization of polymer and reflective polyester and other flexible films to fabricate deformable rotational mirrors. For proof of concept, a self-supporting membrane will be fabricated using Mylar polyester film, with a diameter of 120mm and a thickness of 1mm and will be utilized for adaptive optical systems. Electromagnetic actuation will be used in combination with a magnetic electrode array beneath the mirror membrane to deform the reflective surface and change the location of the focal point. The mechanical properties of the Mylar polyester film are such that the deflection required for focal point position is minimal, thus increasing mirror flexibility and sensitivity when controlled electromagnetically, whilst the fabrication process is simple and potentially low cost. The developed mirror in this proposal will consist of two similar membranes lying on top of each other, both rotating at equal speeds around the centre to ensure electro-magnetic forces used for deflection are spread evenly between each reflective film sector. Other mirror designs will be considered and analysed through the duration of this project. The described technology can also be used to produce other types of membrane devices such as pressure sensors, pumps or valves, and could be easily developed at micro-scales. The developed mirror prototype functionality success will be demonstrated when used to focus an unfocused picture taken by a regular camera.
Effective start/end date15/04/1915/04/22


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