Leak detection and water production optimization using sensing, communication tools, and artificial intelligence

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In this project, we propose to optimize the location of water desalination plants and reservoirs for Saudi Arabia. We also optimize the amount of water produced by the plants and the amount of water transported from the plants to the cities and reservoirs, as well as the amount of water transported from the reservoirs to the cities. By using Artificial Intelligence (AI), the investment and operational costs are significantly minimized. The results obtained with AI is to be be compared with an exhaustive search that takes into account all possible locations of plants and reservoirs, as well as the volumes produced and transported. We also propose a new algorithm to detect and locate a leak in a water pipeline. We decompose our pipeline into N parts of length L and place two pressure sensors and one mass flow sensor at the front and back of each section. We detect the leak by either a change in the pressure gradient or a change in the mass flow rate. We use the pressure gradient to locate the leak with an error of 1.2%. For example, if the length of the section under investigation is 15 km, the error is 180 m, so the location error is 180/15000=1.2%.
Effective start/end date15/03/221/01/23


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