Incorporation of magnetism by TM ions substitution in NBT6BT, and ((Na0.5A0.5)TiO3)0.5(BiTiO3)0.5 [ A= K, Sr]

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Incorporation of magnetic elements in strong ferroelectrics (FE) can result in multiferroic materials with magneto-electric coupling (ME) coupling. Rhombohedral R3c structured (Na0.5Bi0.0.5 TiO3)0.96(BaTiO3)0.06 [popularly known as NBT6BT] are recent materials in discussion for the lead-free strong dielectric properties. With V-modification at the B-site of the NBT6BT, a long-range charge-ordered state can be induced. Hence, substitutions with magnetic elements like Fe, Ni and Mn is a matter of interest due to the possibilities of room temperature magnetoelectric coupling. A-site substitution yields properties like technologically useful, thermally stable dielectric properties, etc. We suggest a few series that bear the potentials of such exciting materials: TM ions modified NBT6BT, and ((Na0.5A0.5)TiO3)0.5(BiTiO3)0.5 with A= K, Sr. These materials are assessed to have high dielectric constants, strong spontaneous polarization associated with magnetic properties. Hence their technological importance as modern spin-controlled electronics can be estimated. The thermally stable nature of a high dielectric constant can potentiate the usage of these materials to be used as dielectric resonator antennas, DRA.
Effective start/end date1/04/201/04/23


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