Hydrogeological Assessment of Groundwater in Al-Hassa, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia: Monitoring and Modelling Approach

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Groundwater is a critical freshwater resource for billions of individuals worldwide. Groundwater quality can vary laterally as a result of natural and anthropogenic factors. This usually reflected on the physical and chemical characteristics of the groundwater and could influencing groundwater quality. The main objective of this study is to evaluate the groundwater quality in the Agricultural, Industrial, and residential areas in Al-Hassa, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia. The study will include assessment for the physical and chemical characteristics of the main groundwater aquifers in Al-Hassa, Eastern Province which are: Umm Er Radhuma (UER), Khobar, Alat, and Neogene aquifers. The proposed approach to conduct this study will include remote sensing, fieldwork, desk study, and modelling. The assessment of the groundwater quality lateral variation will help in monitor the groundwater quality change with time. Groundwater quality can vary laterally and this is because it can be affected by a number of physical and chemical characteristics include land use and soil conditions at the surface as well as the aquifer rocks (lithology and mineralogy chemical composition). These factors could control the physical and geochemical conditions in groundwater that are reflected in physical properties, such as pH, temperature, conductivity, alkalinity, chemical concentrations of dissolved oxygen, and major mineral ions. Groundwater quality can change as a results of anthropogenic factors such as pesticides, volatile organic compounds, nitrate and bacteria, which usually increase as a result of human activities. Nitrate and pesticide concentrations could be high in the agricultural areas. Other factors such as high extraction rate, mixing with seawater, vertical leakage from aquifer to another can control the groundwater quality. The outcome of this study will provide baseline data for physical and chemical parameters of the groundwater in the Al-Hassa, Eastern Provence. Also will provide maps and models for the hydrochemical properties of groundwater in the four aquifers in the study area.
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