Heat transfer intensification through heat exchangers via inserts

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Heat transfer improvement is always one of the important and interesting topic for the heat exchanger designers. Therefore, many studies and investigations have been performed about the transferred thermal energy augmentation in different devices\tools like heat exchangers. The inserts intensify and improve the thermal energy transfer rate in the heat exchanges which are applied in various industrial applications such as refrigeration, petroleum, solar systems, HVAC, food, etc. Using of the wire inserts is one of the best method for improvement of the transferred thermal energy. These inserts enhance the fluids contact with the solid regions thus, tend to increase the level of the flow turbulence and swirl which causes augmentation of the transferred thermal energy rate. In the current scope of the work, novel types of the inserts will be introduced and performance will be analysed by applying numerical method and machine learning techniques. Results will be validated with experimental results. These types of inserts have not been studied in the previous researches. Then the impact of various operating and geometric variables and the thermal and exergy characteristics will be obtained. Previous studies mainly focused on the thermal and hydraulic characteristics. Correlations will be proposed for prediction of the Nusselt number, friction factor, dimensionless work, thermal efficiency, dimensionless exergy loss. Furthermore, attempts will be made to obtain the optimum geometries and conditions.
Effective start/end date1/04/211/04/23


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