Experimental and numerical studies for clean combustion using renewable fuels

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The proposed work aims to investigate the clean combustion of renewable fuels (such as Ammonia) in stratified combustors for air/oxy-combustion in comparison with different bl...lends of conventional fuels (methane, propane) with hydrogen as well as ammonia. Detailed experimental studies will be carried out to investigate the thermoacoustic instability in a stratified dual annular burner. Air/Oxyfuel combustion with the aim towards clean combustion will be studied to facilitate carbon capture and eliminate NOx emissions. Numerical simulation will also be carried out by using ANSYS Fluent to study the dynamic instability of the stratified combustor in which a mathematical model along with the CFD code will be developed for the different fuels and validate it with the experimental results to carry out further parametric studies. The various parameters of interest are the effects of equivalence ratio, stratification ratio, combustor power, swirl effects etc.
Effective start/end date1/03/231/09/24


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