Evaluating Design Quality in Mosques in Saudi Arabia: Setting up the Criteria

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The Mosque plays a central role in the life of Muslim communities. In addition to being a place of worship, mosques have often served in Islamic societies as community centers, courts and religious schools. Unfortunately, despite the central role of mosques, there is lack of efforts in developing and implementing metrics or indicators to assess and evaluate the design quality (DQ) of mosque buildings. This proposed research aims to develop a set of indicators appropriate for assessing/measuring design quality (DQ) in mosques within the context of Saudi Arabia. Design Quality (DQ) is a complex and multidimensional process that has subjective as well as objective dimensions, thus developing a set of indicators to assess DQ requires a multi-method research approach and a cohesive and logical framework that incorporate relevant theory and practical issues. Developing a set of DQ indicators for mosque buildings in Saudi Arabia will start with conducting an in-depth analysis of relevant indicator sets and assessment tools in three related research areas: design quality (DQ), building sustainability and post occupancy evaluation (POE). Then, based on this in-depth analysis, a potential set of DQ indicators for mosques that reflects the Saudi Arabia context and its particularities will be selected by the research team using a set of selection criteria. The selected set of indicators will be reviewed, verified and validated by a panel of local and international experts using questionnaire survey, Delphi technique, semi-structured interviews, and pair-wise comparison surveys. Local experts and stakeholders will include a wide-range of stakeholders such as practicing architects and engineers, urban designers and planners, contractors, design professionals, policy makers, governmental agencies, among others. Research results can be used as benchmark for future studies on DQ in mosques and other building types in the Saudi Arabia and beyond, and thus will provide a base to further the knowledge in the area. It will also increase the understanding and adoption of DQ metrics and assessment tools to improve practices in the design, building and construction sectors in the Kingdom. The research will conducted in a duration of two years, and its proposed budget is one hundred sixty thousands and one hundred (160,100) SAR.
Effective start/end date1/02/181/08/20


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