Environmental Dust Removal from Hydrophobic Surfaces Relevant to self-cleaning

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Self-cleaning receives considerable attention because of the recent changes in climate. The regular dust storms influence the performance of solar energy harvesting devices because of the dust accumulation on to the active surfaces. Although water jet cleaning provides some solutions to such problem, the efforts required are considerable and the cost involved is high. The self-cleaning of such surfaces, in terms of cost effective operations with minimum efforts, becomes fruitful to maintain the energy harvesting device performance. In the proposed study, the dynamic behaviour of the water droplets on hydrophobic surfaces is to be examined while mimicking the self-cleaning process. Because of the presence of temperature gradient across droplet and the surface, the buoyancy and Marangoni currents are generated; therefore, study is extended incorporating the influence of the buoyancy and Marangoni currents on the droplet fluidity. In this case, the numerical simulation is to be carried out for the flow field of the droplet while adopting the experimental conditions. The relation between the water droplet contact angle and the Bond number is to be developed. In the case of heat transfer due to temperature differential across the droplet and the surface, the Nusselt number is to be evaluated for various values the Bond number. The study related to the droplet adhesion will also be introduced. The removal of the dust particles by the rolling/sliding water droplets is to be evaluated incorporating the inclined hydrophobic surfaces and, later, optical transmittance of the cleaned surface by the water droplet is to be assessed. The motion of the dust particles inside the droplet is also to be investigated.
Effective start/end date15/04/1815/04/21


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