Effects of Nano-Particles on the Physical Properties of MgB2 Composites

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We propose to investigate various physical properties of nano-size grains of MgB2 and their composites with materials such as CuO, CuF2, ZnO, ZnCl2 among many others. The composite material will be chosen in such a way to retard oxidation of MgB2 and prevents combustion and make it safer to use in radiation shielding. Of particular interest is the effects on the grain boundaries inclusion, induced internal stress. Nano-particles composites have two main effects on the grains: greatly enhanced surface area of the grains and modification of the grain boundaries; and affecting grain boundary oxidation. Hence affecting the coupling between the grains and several related properties, such as pinning forces, internal stress, critical current density and instability of the vortex structure. Furthermore, pinning forces and their scaling behavior will be investigated in this proposal. The radiation damages induce pinning centres and enhance the critical current density in superconducting materials. In this project we are proposing to investigate various radiation effects such as damages, and radiation shielding effects along with nano-size particle effects. Simulations of the radiation damages and effects will be conducted using available software codes such as FLUKA.
Effective start/end date1/04/211/04/23


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