Effect of light intensity and wavelength on CO2 bio-fixation ability of locally isolated strain of microalgae for CO2 removal and high value chemicals

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Microalgae has high potential for energy and environmental applications. It has ability to grow in harsh conditions of environment using wastewater and waste gases. However, during the growth of microalgae at higher cell density, cell becomes light limited. It has adverse effect on photosynthetic apparatus of microalgae for CO2 biofixation and biochemicals production. Moreover, different wavelength of light has different effect on photosynthesis process. During this project, microalgae will be isolated from local environment and will be test for its growth and CO2 fixation under varying light intensity and wavelength of light. Biomass after CO2 biofixation will be characterized with respect to its potential for biochemicals and biofuel production. Data obtained from the project will be used to setup a system with maximum light availability to all cells and enhance their CO2 fixation rate and production of biochemicals. Successful execution of this project will lead to design of an efficient system for CO2 fixation and energy production using microalgae biotechnology.
Effective start/end date1/01/171/06/18


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