Development of supported hydrogenation/dehydrogenation catalysts for hydrogen storage systems

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Pd is used as active metal with CeO2 due to its ability to activate H2 molecules and release hydrogen. Hence the use of Pd/CeO2 for vapor phase benzene catalytic hydrogenation...n and cyclohexane catalytic dehydrogenation reactions can realize the storage of hydrogen. Furthermore, Pd/CeO2 will be prepared via employing different strategies (such as impregnation or precipitation, and etc) method to support Pd over ceria. Finally, the Pd/CeO2 prepared catalyst will be analyzed by various characterization techniques via SEM, HR-TEM, H2-TPR, XRD, BET, BJH, XPS, FTIR, NH3/H2-TPD to study the structure function relationship. Catalyst performance will be evaluated in a fixed bed reactor at 200-300oC in variable feed conditions-both benzene and cyclohexane-and the product stream will be analyzed using Gas Chromatograph to report conversion and selectivity.
Effective start/end date1/03/221/01/24


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