Development of solid sorbent materials based on Metal- Organic Framework (MOF) and Hydrogen-Bonded Organic Framework (HOF) for CO2 capture

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Global industrialization and the burning of fossil fuel has led to the escalation of CO2 level leading to severe global warming. Thus, the capture of CO2 from existing point s...sources plays a consequential role in controlling the effect of anthropogenic emissions. There are several solid sorbents reported for CO2 capture but they usually suffer from poor selectivity for CO2 and low CO2 adsorption capacities. This proposal aims the synthesis of solid sorbent materials based on the Metal-Organic Framework (MOF) and Hydrogen-Bonded Organic Framework (HOF) for the capture of CO2. MOFs are especially well-known for their ultrahigh surface areas and porosities and the ease at which their internal pore structure can be tuned. MOFs consist of two parts metal oxide clusters that are connected by organic linkers to form extended crystalline structures. Hydrogen-bonded frameworks (HOFs), constructed from organic moieties via hydrogen bonding, are also another class of porous crystalline materials known for their highly-crystalline structure, good recyclability, and easy purification. This project will involve the synthesis of MOFs and HOFs with nitrogenrich channels for the selective adsorption of CO2 and extended linkers for a large surface area. The nitrogen-rich linkers will be synthesized and characterized with 1H and 13C NMR. The solid sorbent materials (MOF/HOF) will be then prepared from these linkers. The stability of these materials will be tested in an aqueous environment. The affinity of these MOFs and HOFs for CO2 will be studied at 1 bar and their capture capabilities will be tested in a practical environment with flue gas. Computational methods will be used for the study of CO2 uptake. Socio-economic aspects of CO2 capture with solid sorbents will also be studied
Effective start/end date15/02/2314/08/24


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