Development of Solar Cooling Absorption System for Space Cooling and Water Desalination

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This research project is aimed at understanding, testing, controlling, and developing a solar-driven absorption cycle (LiBr-H2O) for cooling applications. Theoretical and experimental investigations will be performed to achieve the project goals. The effects of variable solar irradiance on the system performance are to be investigated. Design and operating conditions for optimal performance would be identified. The focus will be given to the development of a small-scale unit based on the planned investigations. Possible operating absorption cycles and integrating options will be studied. The project will help us to have a practical new solution/product (Absorption chiller) that can be operated by solar energy for space cooling/conditioning, water desalination, and other related applications. The development of the proposed system is expected to have a major impact on the energy sector of KSA since the annual energy consumption for cooling in KSA is huge and KSA is blessed with almost constant high solar irradiance around the year
Effective start/end date1/07/211/01/23


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