Development of Low Cost Advanced Cordierite Ceramic Materials Using Nano Oxide Powders and Spark Plasma Sintering

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Because of their thermal, electrical, and mechanical properties, cordierite ceramics are extensively used in many engineering applications including packaging, geobarometry and geothermometry, and thermal insulation. Additionally, they are good candidates for making refractory and high thermal shock resistance products, components for turbine heat exchangers, and catalysts supports in cars. Although cordierite is rare in earth, it can be synthesized from different raw materials. Stoichiometric cordierite is characterized by a narrow sintering temperature range and usually obtained at temperatures as high as 1430C. Researchers have used different methods, including solid state reaction, co-precipitation, the Pechini method, sol-gel, or recrystallization of molten glasses, to synthesise cordierite based materials. However, the combination of nano-oxide powder precursors and spark plasma sintering method to synthesise low cost advanced cordierite ceramic materials was not explored. The aim of this proposed research is to explore the possibility to design and fabricate low cost advanced cordierite ceramic materials, with improved physical and mechanical properties, for structural and functional applications. The approach is to use nano-oxide powder precursors and spark plasma sintering method to produce cordierite ceramic materials, at low temperature, in one single step. The target is to improve the physical and mechanical properties without sacrificing the very low thermal expansion of cordierite materials. Additionally, possible wear and corrosion mechanisms will be investigated to shed more light on the performance of the developed materials. The funding and successful execution of this project will lead to the following: (i) low cost advanced cordierite ceramic materials suitable for structural and functional applications, (ii) comprehensive understanding of the kinetics, at nanoscale, of phase-transformations in cordierite ceramic materials, and (iii) comprehensive understanding of strengthening, toughening, wear, and corrosion mechanisms in cordierite ceramic materials.
Effective start/end date15/04/1915/04/22


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