Development of a Hybrid OTMR-Solar Assisted Thermal EOR System-updated-V2

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The increasing demand on energy initiated the need to use one of the enhanced oil recovery (EOR) techniques to extract the heavy oil from aged reservoirs in order that to keep its high rate of oil production. EOR techniques utilize different methods such as thermal recovery or injection of gas, chemicals or combustion. Gas injection can thin the oil and ease its flow. Chemical injection utilizes polymers or surfactants that improve the oil flow and ease its extraction. On the other hand, thermal oil recovery techniques aim at heating the heavy oil in the reservoir to reduce its viscosity and make it less viscous and easy to flow during the production process. steam injection is one of the thermal EOR which is based mainly on injecting steam into the oil reservoir to heat its heavy oil. The production of steam required for injection requires the combustion of considerable amount of natural gas, which makes it energy expensive. The proposed research aims at the Development of a Carbon Free Solar Assisted Thermal EOR System and its Potential of Use in Saudi Arabia. The work includes building a database for the previous investigations as well as available applications for the solar thermal EOR systems. The work also includes the assessment of the performance of the solar thermal EOR system in comparison to conventional systems of steam EOR systems. A solar system (such as parabolic troughs) will be sized for field scale and lab experimental scale. Experimental investigation of an elemental solar thermal EOR system will be conducted for a proof of concept. The system also includes an oxy-combustion based on ionic transport membrane rector (OTMR) in order to provide the heat required for steam generation at night time while the solar system provides the heat required during the day time. A simulation model will be developed to evaluated and optimize the performance of the OTMR while a thermo-economic model will be developed to assess and optimize the complete Carbon Free Solar Assisted Thermal EOR System under Saudi Arabia operating and weather conditions.
Effective start/end date15/04/1915/10/21


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