Development of a framework to promote the use of life cycle assessment in the Saudi building sector

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Saudi Arabia has a sizeable and fast growing building industry that is yet to embrace sustainability measures. In a business as usual scenario it is likely to pose severe energy and environmental challenges for the country in years to come. It is time for Saudi building sector to adapt to the emerging sustainability trends and best practices. Integration of life cycle assessment in construction projects can be a helpful initiative. The proposed project aims to investigate the Saudi building industrys practices in terms of environmental sustainability. It also aims to benchmark the current practices in the Saudi building industry terms of environmental sustainability in general and life cycle assessment in particular. Best practices from across the world will be used for benchmarking. A range of LCA tools will be examined and ranked for their validity in Saudi Arabias context. Finally, the work aims to develop a framework for implementation of LCA in the Saudi building industry. Saudi building industry stakeholders including policy makers, governmental agencies, construction, engineering and design firms, building industry professionals, and academia will be interacted with through various modes including in-depth interviews, surveys and focus groups. A range of existing LCA tools will be applied on a number of sample building projects to determine their applicability in the Saudi context. The benchmarking exercise and interaction with stakeholders will be used to develop a framework for robust application of LCA practices in the Saudi building industry. The project will help improve the overall energy and environmental performance of buildings in Saudi Arabia by promoting a drive for sustainability through incorporation of LCA in building practices. It is also aligned with the recent policies of the Saudi government and its various departments to improve energy conservation and resources efficiency in buildings.
Effective start/end date1/04/201/04/22


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