Determination of Evaporation Rate in a Sabkha System in the Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia

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SUMMARY It is an unavoidable task to manage water resources in a country like Saudi Arabia with arid climatic conditions. This is because groundwater, which serves as the main source of water for various purposes, is nonrenewable as a result of the very limited amount of rainfall. In addition, high demand of water due to the rapid increase in population growth and industrialization results in the decline of the quantity and quality of this limited resource in Saudi Arabia. The significance of evaporation in the hydrological cycle generally increases with increasing the aridity. The climatic influences in arid regions cause up to about 90% of the annual precipitation to be lost to the atmosphere through evapotranspiration. Precise measurement and estimation of evaporation, which is a key component of the hydrological cycle, is important for predicting water yields, designing irrigation and supply projects, managing water quality, quantity, and associated environmental concerns, and negotiation disputes, contracts, or treaties involving water. Evaporation pans, lysimeters, portable chambers, water-budget, the energy-budget/Bowen ratio, the aerodynamic approach or combination of these are examples of both direct and indirect methods for estimation of evaporation. However, each of the methods has its own challenges which ranges from cost, accuracy of the method and availability of weather data. This study aims to determine the evaporation on sabkha using portable chamber which is a direct method of measurement. This method is chosen over the other methods due to its unique superiority in terms of measurement within small area, the speed by which instantaneous evaporation rate is obtained, ability of measurement to be repeated throughout the day from the same area of measurement, the portability of the chamber and cost when compared with lysimeter. This research will involve constructing a portable chamber for the determination of evaporation rate on Jayb Uwayyid Sabkha in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. The evaporation rate will be measured over seasonal variations and also correlation between the evaporation rate and weather data will be determined. The effect of soil and water salinity, soil moisture and texture on the evaporation rate will also be assessed.
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