Detection of Optical Pulses and Related Dissipative Structures in Superconducting Thin Filament: DODSF

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Introduced about a decade ago, the superconducting nanowire single photon detector or SNSPD has since attracted increasing attention, due to a number of exceptional features, in terms of sensitivity, speed, rejection of stray signals, and potential use in quantum computation. As the main motivation in this project, we will focus on the detection of a single nanosecond Laser pulse : instead of the resistive zone induced by an overcritical current, a laser pulse conducted along an optical fiber will initiate the creation of a hot spot at a random site of absorption in NbxTi1-xN. We also propose a new design made of parallel wires inspired by recent developments of SSPDs. The experiments described above require equipping at KFUPM laboratory with cryogenic and opto-electronic components, Pulsed Laser, and fast measurements apparatus. Our principal objective is the study of NbTiN and NbN thin films with a 20-50 nm thickness.
Effective start/end date11/04/1711/04/19


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