Design and Implementation of a Framework for the Detection and Resolution of Conflicts in Goal-Oriented Models: A Game-theoretic Approach

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Over the years, Requirements Engineering (RE) approaches have demonstrated their success in helping the development of high-quality software. However, requirements modeling, analysis, and validation remain challenging activities. Goal-oriented models help cope with these challenges allowing for representing and reasoning about stakeholder goals using models. One problem that may arise in goal models is the manifestation of conflicts between goals emanating from different stakeholders. In this research, we propose to develop a framework for the detection and resolution of conflicts in goal-models. To this end, we plan to develop, formalize, and validate a catalog of conflict-prone patterns, then design a conflict detection mechanism, and finally design a game-theoretic approach to solve conflicts among the stakeholders of the system.
Effective start/end date15/04/1815/10/20


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