Current Driven Dynamical State Transition in Superconducting Wires: CDTSW

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We propose to study the destruction of the superconductivity due an over-critical current in superconducting filament. A current pulse larger than the depairing current (Ic) initiates a dissipation in a localized spot. The non-equilibrium state described by the two dissipative mechanism pinpointed as hot spot or phase slip center. A voltage underlines the collapse of the superconductivity shows up after a certain delay time td. We propose to study these dissipative states in superconducting filaments (NbTi,) with different thicknesses and grown on various substrates using the experimental setup established at KFUPM. These states could be discriminated by changing the working temperature. From the measurement of the delay times for different current values, the heat escape time (thermal relaxation time) is extracted by comparison with the predictions from TDGL theory. It is anticipated that the heat escape time depends on the film thickness and the substrate. This study would give an important and informative information about the reset time of the SSPD.
Effective start/end date1/04/201/04/23


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