CO2-Reforming of n-Butane to Ethylene/Propylene and Syngas

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The proposed research, aims at developing a catalyst formulation based on utilizing metal oxide supported catalysts for CO2/n-butane conversion to ethylene, propylene and BTX aromatics. Metal oxide supported catalysts will be synthesized and modified to introduce optimal acidity/basicity to the catalysts. Conventional and modified supports will be tested to modify catalyst properties like surface site functionality, water resistivity and acidity/basicity. The prepared catalysts will be detailed characterized using XRD, BET surface area, NH3/CO2-TPD, H2-TPR, SEM/TEM and ICP-OES measurements. Catalyst testing will be performed using a fixed-bed flow reactor system. Converted products will be identified by online GC analysis. Furthermore, the effect of the reaction conditions, and CO2/n-butane ratio on the performance of the catalyst and the yield of the desired products will be determined. The proposed study will be completed in eighteen (18) month period
Effective start/end date1/07/211/01/23


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