Catalytic Cracking of Mixed Light Crude Oil and Methanol

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The proposed research activity, aims at developing a catalyst/process technology based on utilizing oxygenates as co-reactant in the direct cracking of crude oil to petrochemical feedstock (ethylene, propylene, BTX). The study involves the preparation, characterization and performance evaluation of zeolite-based additives. The additives will be prepared by synthesizing and modifying MFI type and MEL zeolites. The prepared additives will be characterized by BET surface area, XRD, SEM and ammonia-TPD. The additives will be blended with Y-zeolite based conventional catalysts and their performance will be evaluated by cracking of blends of crude oil and methanol. The evaluation will be done in a fixed-bed flow reactor system. By systematically analysing the acidic properties and catalytic performance of these metal/zeolite-based additives, the active centers will be investigated. The synergistic conversion between light crude oil and methanol will be verified by the selectivity to petrochemical feedstock (ethylene, propylene, BTX) compared with their separate reactions
Effective start/end date1/07/211/01/23


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