An Integrated Smart Platform for Estimating Onsite Productivity for Heavy Construction Projects in Saudi Arabia: An AI-Based Approach

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The purpose of the proposed research project is to develop a new fully automated web-based construction projects in Saudi Arabia. The main components of the proposed system are as follows: (1) Global Positioning System (GPS); (2) Geographic Information Systems (GIS); (3) a Central Database; (4) An Artificial Neural Networks (ANN); and (5) graphical user interface (GUI) to facilitate the interaction of the end user with the developed system. To achieve the above mentioned objectives, the research will be divided into the following main activities: (1) highlighting the limitations of the current practices used for estimating actual onsite productivities for outdoor operations through conducting a comprehensive literature review; (2) communicating with local (Saudi) contractors to exchange ideas and opinions and review and highlight the limitations of the method(s) used for estimating onsite productivity in heavy construction projects in Saudi Arabia; (3) communicate with local (Saudi) contractors who are presently constructing projects involves the use of heavy implementing the proposed methodology in computer application using object-oriented programming; (5) testing the developed system in real case projects in Saudi Arabia; (6) sharing the outputs of the developed system with owners and experts in Saudi Arabia who are specialized in this area to demonstrate the features of the developed system. (7) implement the developed system in web base so that it can be used in real time. This system will enable the contractor to take corrective actions if deviation from as planned is detected for more money and time saving.
Effective start/end date1/01/221/01/23


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